Here are 6 tips for keeping your hair healthy in the winter.

6 Hair Care Tips for Winter

Winter is here–time for holiday celebrations, snow, ski trips, warm fires, and… dry, frizzy hair? Don’t let winter hair woes put a cramp in your fun. Here are six hair care tips for winter so you can stay stylish all year long. 

Turn to Oils

Heating our homes and other buildings keeps us comfortable, but it also pulls moisture from the air, leaving your tresses seriously parched. Oils do a great job of replacing some of that moisture. Look for products like Viori that contain natural oils. And once a week, try spreading oil on your scalp and hair, covering your hair with a shower cap, and leaving it on overnight to give the oil a chance to soak in. Coconut oil, almond oil, and olive oil are all good choices.

Be Gentle

According to dermatologist Dr. Wilma Bergfeld, it’s important to keep in mind that your hair is a fiber, so blasting it with heat or subjecting it to harsh chemicals is a bad idea, in much the same way that throwing a cashmere sweater in the dryer on the highest heat setting is a bad idea. Air dry your hair as much as possible, opt for styles that don’t require heat and avoid harsh chemicals. You should also take care not to brush your hair when it’s wet to avoid damaging your locks.

Space Out Your Wash Days

Since your hair is likely to be extra dry, let the sebum your body naturally produces do its work to protect your hair. Washing every day strips your natural oils away, leaving your hair dry and often frizzy. Even those with oily hair can skip a few days. If excess oil is a problem for you, we recommend trying Citrus Yao. The citrus oil it contains cuts through excess sebum without stripping your hair. 

Condition, Condition, Condition

Conditioning your hair is important at all times, but it’s especially crucial in the winter. If you don’t condition your hair after shampooing, your hair cuticles will be left open, making it even easier for moisture to be drawn from your strands. Choose a gentle conditioner like Terrace Garden to quench your tresses. And consider adding a DIY hair mask once a week for extra moisture.

Consider Going Au Natural

Coloring, bleaching, relaxing, and perming your hair all take a toll on your mane. In the winter, hair that has been damaged by chemicals is even more likely to be dry and frizzy or even to break. Think about taking a hiatus from coloring your hair. And if you absolutely cannot give up your color or style, try increasing the time between your salon visits to 8-10 weeks.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Your hair grows from your body, and it will be affected by what you eat. Beans, whole grains, eggs, citrus fruits, avocados, spinach, and fatty fish, like salmon, are all great foods for healthy hair. You may also want to consider adding a multivitamin, especially one containing biotin, to give your hair a boost.

Caring for your hair in the winter requires a little TLC, but it’s totally doable. And remember, Viori bars are formulated to be gentle on your hair, making them a perfect choice for winter hair care. Here’s to a winter full of good hair days! Cheers!

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