Learn what "ethically sourced" means at Viori.

What Does ‘Ethically Sourced’ Really Mean?

At Viori, everything we do is driven by our values. Our deep appreciation and respect for the Red Yao tribe led us to create Viori. And our determination to help the Red Yao preserve their traditions while also creating quality cosmetics that do not harm the Earth or those with whom we share it impacts every decision we make. As such, we place high importance on ensuring all of our ingredients are ethically sourced. But what does “ethically sourced” really mean? We’re glad you asked. 

Fair Compensation

When a product is ethically sourced, fair compensation is provided to suppliers and employees. Exploitation is a very real concern, particularly in countries like China. Historically, rich companies have taken advantage of cheap labor and lax regulations to boost their own profits. At Viori, we are very concerned about the Red Yao tribe’s dwindling population. Economic pressures have led to many of their youth leaving to find work, and their centuries-old traditions are in peril of being lost forever. 

We are committed to ensuring the Red Yao are compensated fairly, which is why we pay a 100% markup on the Longsheng rice we purchase. Additionally, we reserve at least 5% of our profits to be used for initiatives that benefit the Red Yao. You can learn more about our social responsibility here.

Respect for Community

In addition to fair compensation, we want to ensure that we work with the Red Yao in ways that respect and help sustain their cultural traditions. We visit the villages on a monthly basis and learn directly from the Red Yao. 

Over time, we have developed a relationship akin to family with our Red Yao partners. We enjoy each other’s company and are invited to special events like weddings. The Red Yao community even joins us several times a year for live streaming events through our Facebook page!

Our products have been developed under the tutelage of the Red Yao, and we are committed to continuing to work with the Red Yao community to ensure we always respect and support their culture. 

Environmental Sustainability

We recognize that our planet has finite resources, and therefore, efforts must be made to source products sustainably. We purchase only local products that are grown with all-natural farming practices, which encourages farmers to use sustainable methods. Additionally, we use only ingredients that are natural or naturally derived and work with suppliers who can show certification that their products are cruelty-free, sustainable, and fair-trade. Learn more about how we source our products and ingredients here.

In addition to ensuring our products themselves are sustainable, we want to ensure our packaging is, too. Only 9% of the 9.2 billion tons of plastic that has so far been produced is ever recycled. That is a huge problem in terms of sustainability and damage to our environment. We decided right away that we did not want to contribute to that problem. Choosing to make bars eliminated the need for plastic bottles, but we wanted to eliminate all need for plastics. That’s why we use recycled paper for our packaging, which is biodegradable, sustainable, and recyclable. 

At Viori, we take ethical sourcing seriously. We want to ensure we treat our suppliers, customers, the communities we work with, and our planet well. We will continue to ensure our products are always ethically sourced, and we want to thank you for choosing to support ethically-sourced products like Viori.

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