Here are six ways to treat over-styled hair.

6 Ways to Treat Over-Styled Hair

We all want to look our best. But sometimes, our quest for the perfect style goes a little too far. Suddenly, you’re horrified to realize that your hair is breaking, falling out, perpetually frizzy, or impossible to style. 

Take a deep breath. You can fix it. Here are six ways to treat over-styled hair. 

Limit Heat

We understand that giving your heat tools a rest can be daunting, especially if you’ve been relying on them for years. But if you curl, straighten, or blow dry your hair every day, there’s a pretty good chance heat styling is at the root of your problems or at least a big contributor to them. 
So cut out heat completely if you can. But if you really must use heat tools, limit yourself to no more than once per week and always use a heat protectant first. 

Get a Trim

While the only surefire way to get rid of over-styled hair is to cut it off, we’re not suggesting you should break out the razor and shave your head (unless you want to!). Fortunately, there’s a less drastic way to treat your over-styled hair. 
Getting a trim will help. It’ll remove split ends and immediately help your hair look better. Plus, it will help prevent your hair from breaking farther up the hair shaft.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Over-styled hair is typically dry and brittle, so one of the best things you can do is replenish that lost moisture. Try using a DIY mask once or twice a week to help your hair soak in the moisture it needs. 
Additionally, choose products with moisturizing ingredients, like natural oils, aloe vera, and cocoa butter. And always condition your hair well after shampooing. 

Loosen Up

Tight styles can wreak havoc on your hair. And over time, they can even lead to hair loss. If you’re noticing hair loss at your scalp or breakage close to your head, try changing your style. 
Wearing your hair down for a while is best. But if you need to put it up, create a loose style and use hair elastics that are covered in silk or satin, so they aren’t as likely to break your hair. 

Take a Break From Weaves and Extensions

If you regularly wear weaves or extensions, winter is a great time to take a break and go for a different style. Your hair is naturally drier in the winter, so the extra weight of weaves and extensions can damage it more easily. 
Why not skip them entirely and opt for a shorter style? You can always accessorize with a chic scarf or hat. But if you have to wear a weave or extensions, opt for a shorter style that won’t pull as much on your scalp. And don’t leave it in longer than three months.

Change Your Wash Routine

Over-styled hair can sometimes feel gunky, so you might be tempted to wash it more often. Resist the urge. In fact, you should wash less often to help your hair retain the moisture it needs. Two to three times a week is fine. 
If you find that your hair is especially brittle, try only applying shampoo to your scalp. The rest of your hair will get a quick wash when you rinse without the friction of rubbing the shampoo through. And don’t forget the conditioner! We recommend Hidden Waterfall for a totally quenching experience.

Over-styled hair is the worst. But with a little patience and TLC, your mane will be healthy again before you know it. 

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