7 ways to make fine hair thicker.

7 Ways To Help Fine Hair Become Thicker

Fine hair can be gorgeous–gossamer strands of light, delicate beauty framing your face. But let’s be honest, it can also be flat, limp, and prone to so many tangles! If you’ve been wishing you could trade in your fine hair for a thick full mane, this is the post for you. Here are seven ways to help fine hair become thicker.  

Get The Right Cut

The sad truth is there isn’t a whole lot you can do about the actual diameter of your hair, but because fine hair tends to be easily broken and weighed down, the right cut can do wonders for how thick your hair appears. Straight lines are your friend because they give the illusion of fullness. Try a blunt cut or long square layers to help your hair look thicker. 

Change Your Part

One of the easiest ways to make your hair look like it has tons of volume is to change your part. Creating a new part and flipping your hair over the old one will instantly add body to your hair since it’s no longer flattened into place where it’s used to falling. Side parts tend to work better, too, since middle parts tend to leave hair looking flat. 

Opt for Highlights

Highlights add texture to your hair and help it look thicker. While you obviously need to be careful not to damage your fine strands, a stylist who knows how to work with fine hair can give you flattering highlights while still being mindful of your hair’s health and structure. And as a bonus, you may find that your hair styles more easily, too.

Tease It Up

Teasing didn’t lose its usefulness in the 80s. It’s a simple way to add volume to your hair and help it look thicker. Just hold your hair up and use a mixed bristle brush to brush your hair backward toward the roots. Then, just style it into place. Voilà, instantly fuller hair! 

Skip the Heat

We get it. Blow drying your hair upside-down is the only way you’ve been able to add any volume. And we’re not saying you can never blow dry your hair. But remember, fine hair breaks easily, and heat makes your hair more brittle and prone to breakage. The more your hair breaks, the thinner it looks. So helping your hair stay healthy and keeping it from breaking will add thickness to your mane over time. 

Avoid Gimmicky Products

There’s always another product to try that promises to thicken your hair or instantly add volume. But too often, these products contain harsh ingredients, like sulfates, that damage your hair over time, or silicone, which weighs down your already-fine hair. Instead, look at the bigger picture and focus on making your tresses as healthy as they can be. Opt for natural ingredients, like those found in Viori that gently clean and strengthen your hair.

Strive for Balance

Excess oil can be a real problem if you have fine hair. But many products marketed for oily hair contain harsh chemicals that totally strip your hair and dry it out, leaving you prone to dandruff. Give your hair a break from harsh chemicals and strive for balance. We recommend Citrus Yao to clean oily hair without stripping it. And remember to skip a day or two between washes (yes, really!). Your hair will be fuller and healthier in no time! 

Have you overtreated your fine hair? Check out our hair detox routine to get it back on track. 

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