BRI: Supporting Longsheng's Education - Upgrade to the School's Playground

BRI: Supporting Longsheng's Education - Upgrade to the School's Playground

Every month Viori's sustainability team visits Longsheng to spend time with our friends in the village and get an update on our local Beautiful Reason Initiatives. Below is a recap of the trip we made in January 2023. 

During our previous visits to Longsheng, the local school shared with us an issue that required our support—the playground area was in need of repairs, which was hindering the students' education and enjoyment.

The main problem was the inadequate water drainage system during heavy rainfall, exacerbated by an uneven and poorly prepared playground surface. As a result, the playground would become waterlogged, and in some instances, it would even flood the school. This meant that the children were unable to utilize the playground, and they often ended up with wet shoes as they entered the school building. Recognizing the important of fixing this issue, the school head reached out to us.

During this trip to Longsheng, we worked closely with the school and local team to devise a budget and assess various construction teams to determine the most suitable one for the project. Through collaborative efforts and thorough evaluation, we ensured that the chosen construction team was equipped to handle the task effectively.

In line with our experience in local projects, we have often witnessed that once we commit to supporting a particular initiative, the community takes swift action. The situation was no different this time—within just three days, the project was confirmed, and the construction team arrived at the site to begin the work of installing a new surface for the playground. The construction team worked until deep in the night but completed the task just in time for the kids to enjoy a new playground area when school started on Monday again.

The reaction of the school principal was humbling and seeing the excitement of the children served as a powerful reminder of the significance of investing in the future of education and play.

Like with any project we're involved with in Longsheng, we thank our customers for helping us make a positive impact in these communities and look forward to future projects ahead!

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