5 hair care tips to keep thin hair looking its best.

Thin Hair: 5 Hair Care Tips to Keep You Looking Your Best

Is your thin hair looking more limp and stringy than gorgeously sleek? Don’t worry, with a little TLC, you can get your tresses back on track. Here are five hair care tips to keep you looking your best. 

Get the Right Cut

When you have thin hair, getting the right cut can make all the difference. Try layers to increase volume and keep your hair from looking weighed down. Shorter cuts are also great for adding the appearance of thickness and volume. The shorter the cut, the less gravity pulls on your hair. In fact, pixie cuts can be an excellent choice for just this reason. 

Looking great with thin hair doesn’t always have to mean giving the illusion of volume, though. Sleek, sharp cuts also look amazing. Try a blunt bob or lob for a chic, edgy look. These cuts are perfect if you have straight, thin hair. 

Use Your Part

Believe it or not, your part plays a big role in how you look. If your hair is looking flat, injecting a little volume is as simple as changing your part and flipping your hair to the other side. Your hair will naturally lift, giving an instant volume boost.

Conversely, a middle part tends to make your hair look flat. So unless you’re going for a sleek, straight look, you may want to avoid parting your hair in the middle. Instead, try a side part and add side-swept bangs for even more volume. 

Add Some Color

Highlights and color are wonderful tools for adding depth and dimension to your tresses. Ask your stylist for multiple different tones to give the visual effect of thickness. Or try chunky highlights to increase contrast. 

Your face shape will impact how colors and highlights look on you, so ask your stylist’s advice before committing. You may want to experiment with semi-permanent dyes, too, since they are less likely to damage your strands. 

Turn to Dry Shampoo

If you have thin hair, dry shampoo is your new best friend. That’s because washing your hair every day isn’t healthy for your locks. It strips your hair of its natural oils and makes your already thin hair prone to damage and breakage. But because your hair is thin, it’s also easier for oil to build up and cause it to look flat and greasy.

That’s where dry shampoo comes in. It’s perfect for absorbing oil and refreshing your hair. Want to avoid the clumpy white cast some dry shampoos leave behind? Try a starch-based dry shampoo like Sunrise Mist instead. It’s light, blends seamlessly into your hair and smells incredible, too!

Stay Away From Heavy Products

There are tons of products out there marketed for thin hair. Many promise to increase volume or thickness, but the effect often comes from waxes, like paraffin, that may build up on your hair over time, leaving it dull and prone to breakage. 

Instead, try tried-and-true methods of boosting volume without damaging your hair, like using a round brush or velcro rollers to add body and wave or teasing your hair to give the appearance of thickness. A lightweight mousse is perfect for setting your style and giving a volume boost, too. 

Thin hair can look amazing. You just need to find the right cut and hair care routine that works for you. Whatever you choose, remember to regularly wash out buildup and condition your hair with nourishing products like Viori. Our bars are perfect for cutting through buildup without stripping your strands. 

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