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Build Red Yao Community Centre

Red Yao Community Centre

As you might have noticed Viori's work in Longsheng revolves around pursuing the 4 local goals below. These are goals which the local community has told us they care about and which we therefore build our Beautiful Reason Initiatives around of.

Throughout 2021, the CSR team made monthly trips to Longsheng and  gathered many ideas by having conversations with the villagers and observing life as it unfolded.

One topic kept on coming back, namely the lack of, and desire to have, a local community center dedicated to Red Yao culture and a place for social gatherings. With this project fitting perfectly into the social responsibility goals shown above, namely cultural preservation and community well-being, this project is high on our priority list. Just like any local project, before actual steps can be taken, we must first make solid local assessments in terms of local regulations, suitable location, suitable group of villagers to work with and creating a detailed budget. We hope to have more clarity on this project as things unfold over these couple of weeks, and will keep you all posted here! 

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