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Donations Towards: Elderly, Education & Local Infrastructure



As we have written before, Viori has three ways in which we deploy our BRI funds into the local community, namely:

1. Donation model
2. Direct purchase model
3. Incubator model

To read more about these different ways please keep an eye out for our 2021 Community Impact report which is coming out soon!

Now that we have a much better picture of the ways in which we can support the Red Yao community we have created a list of charities aimed at making positive local impact. High on the list are donations aimed at improving the lives of both the elderly and the younger generation Red Yaos.

These two groups not only consist of the majority in Longsheng (with parents often looking for work elsewhere); they also hold the key to preserving the Red Yao culture. The Red Yao elderlies still often hold traditions that are fading, while children who grow up with them have the potential of inheriting some of these traditions.

Stay tuned to read how these donations unfold in the year 2022!

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