Bamboo Shampoo Bar Holder

How to Use Viori's Bamboo Shampoo Bar Holders

Now that you've learned how to use our shampoo and conditioner bars (so simple, right?), let's talk about storage. 

Viori's shampoo and conditioner bars are the only ones made with the same Longsheng rice the Red Yao women have used for centuries to care for their extraordinarily long, healthy, and ageless hair. We think that makes them pretty special. And a special bar deserves a special holder. 

Each of our shampoo and conditioner bars should last for 30 to 60 washes, depending on your hair's length and thickness. Storage matters, too, though. You'll want to properly store your shampoo and conditioner bars to avoid wasting them. 

That brings us to our (super cute!) bamboo bar holders. Each holder is handcrafted by local villagers in southern China. They're also eco-friendly, biodegradable, and 100% sustainable, so you can feel good about using them. 

Like our shampoo bars, our bar holders are pretty user friendly. Let's take a look at how to use and maintain them.   


Step 1: Purchase Your Holders

We recommend using one holder per bar. Your bars will fit best and get plenty of drainage that way, so they'll stay in top shape. If your shower is like ours, storage space is probably in short supply. Don't worry! Our holders are conveniently stackable. 

Step 2: Find A Good Place To Store Them

To keep your bars in the best shape, you'll want to keep them dry between showers. Look for a place to keep your holders that won't come in direct contact with water. 
A few drops here and there while you're showering won't hurt anything, but you don't want the holders (and your bars) staying soaked with water. 

Step 3: Wipe Them Down

We highly recommend cleaning your bar holders once a week. Just wipe them out with a damp cloth. So easy!

Step 4: Let Them Dry

After cleaning your bar holders, let them air dry. Wait until they have completely dried before using them again. 

Step 5: Place Your Bars Back In The Holders

Once your holders have dried, you can put your shampoo and conditioner bars back inside them and stack them in your shower again. That's it! You're all set for the next week.

Step 6: Enjoy!

We think there's a lot to love about our shampoo and conditioner bar holders. They save space, look beautiful, and work well to preserve your bars.

Bonus Tip:

Want to extend the life of your bamboo holders? If so, we recommend curing them before their first use. It's a super simple process using nontoxic items you probably already have on hand. We've made this short video to show you exactly how to do it:

The Red Yao tribe taught us that it is possible to safely and naturally create highly effective cosmetics without destroying the earth. We've made it our mission to do just that while also preserving the Red Yao women's values and traditions for future generations. 

Our bamboo holders are the perfect sustainable answer to storing Viori shampoo bars. Use them knowing each one represents a real commitment to helping our planet and the Red Yao tribe.

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