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Viori's Values & Why They Matter

Today's consumers have more choices than ever. We understand that it can sometimes be hard to decide between products. There are just so many of them! But if you're like us, you want to purchase from companies that not only offer great products but operate according to sound values, too. 

We want you to feel comfortable choosing Viori both because our products work and because you can trust us to be ethical in our business practices. Let's talk about Viori's values and why they matter. 

Safe And Natural

The most important lesson we learned from the women of the Red Yao tribe is that highly effective cosmetics can be made safely, naturally, and without destroying the Earth. You'll never catch us adding toxic chemicals to our products.

The Red Yao tribe is so successful in growing long, healthy hair that their village even earned recognition by the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most people with the longest hair. Amazingly, they've been doing it for centuries, using only shampoo made from natural ingredients, like Longsheng rice water. 

Viori was privileged to build a relationship with the Red Yao and receive instruction from them. Now, we are the only company to use the same Longsheng rice grown by the Red Yao to create our shampoo and conditioner bars. 

100% Vegan And Cruelty-Free

Engage in cruel animal testing? No way! Viori's products are always 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 

Since our products are made with the same natural ingredients the Red Yao have used for centuries, we know they are safe and effective. We'd never dream of hurting animals to test our products, and we don't use any animal products to make them, either. 

Good For The Earth

Our planet's resources are finite, and we need to make sure that we leave the Earth in good shape for future generations. At Viori, we're committed to doing our part.

Our products are never packaged in plastic, and we use sustainable practices. The ingredients in our shampoo and conditioner bars are all ethically sourced. 

The Longsheng Rice™ we use is a renewable resource, and we purchase it directly from Red Yao families. Our handmade bamboo bar holders are also purchased directly from local villagers. 

Good For You

All our products are free of sulfates and parabens. They're also pH balanced. You won't find any harsh or toxic chemicals in our bars. 

We strive to bring you safe, effective cosmetics that nourish your hair and won't harm you, the Earth, or the animals we share our planet with. 

Good For The Red Yao

We are incredibly grateful to the Red Yao women who so generously shared their haircare traditions with us. Sadly, both their traditions and the tribe itself are at risk due to economic pressures. 

We believe it's important to give back. That's why we purchase our Longsheng Rice from Red Yao families at a 2X markup. We also donate 5% of our profits to the Red Yao tribe to help preserve the Longsheng mountains, create educational opportunities for children, and provide care for elderly tribe members. 

Our values direct our mission to help preserve the Red Yao culture and bring their haircare traditions to women around the world. We hope our mission becomes your beautiful reason for choosing Viori.

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