Should you try reverse washing?

Should You Try Reverse Washing?

Reverse washing has been generating a lot of buzz lately. There are tons of viral TikTok videos advocating the method, in which you condition your hair before shampooing. But does reverse washing work? And should you try it yourself?

Here’s what you need to know:

The Science

The first thing you need to know before deciding whether to try reverse washing is the science behind how shampoo and conditioner work. It turns out that the tradition of shampooing first and then conditioning does have some real science and logic behind it. 

Shampoos are formulated with detergents and surfactants that remove dirt, grease, and product build-up from your hair. At a microscopic level, they lift and open your hair cuticles in order to thoroughly cleanse your hair. 

In contrast, conditioners contain things like oils and proteins that add shine and moisture to your hair. And importantly, they close and seal your hair cuticles. 

The Cons of Reverse Washing

When you don’t follow the pattern of shampooing prior to conditioning your hair, you leave your cuticles open. That, in turn, leaves your hair vulnerable to moisture loss, frizz, damage, and even breakage. 

For that reason, most stylists agree that if you do try reverse washing, you should limit it to once a week. Additionally, at this point in time, there is no scientific evidence showing that reverse washing is good for your hair.

Possible Benefits of Reverse Washing

Nevertheless, many people absolutely swear by reverse washing. It’s purported to leave hair lighter, less greasy, and more manageable. Some people also claim that it helps to protect their hair from being stripped by shampoo since it already has a layer of conditioner on it. 

If you have oily hair, it’s possible that reverse washing could remove more of the conditioner and leave your hair less greasy between washes. Additionally, if you have fine hair that tends to lay flat, reverse washing may give your hair more body since it won’t be as weighed down by conditioner.

The Best of Both

We’re big supporters of doing what works best for you. Every person is unique, and your hair is unique, too. On that note, some super smart people have found a way to get the best of both washing techniques.

Instead of simply sticking to one routine or the other, try both! Start by reverse washing your hair, but instead of stopping after rinsing out your shampoo, condition your hair again. Some people do this by focusing on particularly dry areas, like the ends of your hair. Others condition their entire mane a second time. And some people choose to end their washing session with a leave-in conditioner instead.

So should you try reverse washing your hair? It’s up to you! If you feel like your hair is lifeless and greasy, you could mix things up by reverse washing and seeing if your hair feels lighter. Or, if you just want to experiment and see whether you like the change, go for it! You can always return to regular washing if reverse washing doesn’t work for you. 

Have you tried reverse washing with Viori? Let us know what you think!

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