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Melissa Perkins

Tags: Beautiful Reason Initiative , ethically sourced , Red Yao , Social Mission , Viori values

What Does ‘Ethically Sourced’ Really Mean?

At Viori, we take pride in ensuring all our products are ethically sourced. But what does “ethically sourced” really mean? Find out here. 

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Maarten Dickinson

Tags: Beautiful Reason Initiative , BRI Project , local-update , Red Yao , Social Mission

BRI Recap: All-Natural Longsheng Rice

The first year of our All-Natural Longsheng Rice project is complete! Here's a recap of how it worked and what we were able to achieve this year.

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Maarten Dickinson

Tags: Beautiful Reason Initiative , local-update , Social Mission

Beautiful Reason Initiatives

Along with our mission to create all-natural highly-effective hair care products, Viori has an equally important social mission: to help the Yao community thrive. Learn about our Beautiful Reason Initiatives and how your purchase directly helps the Red Yao.

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Melissa Perkins

Tags: Benefits of Viori , Give Viori , Natural Ingredients , Social Mission

Give the Gift of Longsheng Rice Water Shampoo

 Looking for a gift that’s beautiful, useful, and does some good for the world? Consider giving the gift of Longsheng rice water shampoo. Learn why. 

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