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Maarten Dickinson

Tags: impacttodate

252 Local Ornaments Sold by Red Yao Women

Our BRI: Embroidery project has resulted in 7 Red Yao women being able to sell us a total of 252 Local ornaments! Each and every piece has been a labor our love which our customers absolutely love. Read the full background on this project here

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Melissa Perkins

Tags: hair care , Hair Tips , hairbrush , healthy hair

5 Tips for Detangling Your Hair

We all probably have some mildly traumatic childhood memories of tangles being pulled out of our hair. And let’s be honest, it doesn’t always get much better as we age. Tangles hurt. Thankfully, there are some tried-and-true ways to make removing tangles easier and less painful. Here are five tips for detangling your hair.  Sleep on Silk Your pillowcase makes a bigger difference than you may realize. Materials like cotton increase friction and pull moisture from your hair, creating more tangles. No matter how cozy that flannel sheet set looks, it’s not doing your hair any favors.  Instead, choose silk...

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Maarten Dickinson

Tags: Beautiful Reason Initiative , BRI Project , local-update , Red Yao

Beautiful Reason Initiative #4: Longsheng Public Health Programs

Public Health Program for the villagers of Longsheng -------One of Viori's key Social Responsibility Pillars in Longsheng is supporting the Red Yao in its 'Community Well-being'. Although this is a very broad term, the villagers seem quite clear in what their priorities are in this category: physical and mental health. This week Viori hosted its first program related to this category. We invited a non-profit 'One-village' to team up with our CSR team to conduct the first 'Public Health' program in Longsheng. One-village is a non-profit which partners with companies and schools to provide service based programs in rural areas...

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Melissa Perkins

Tags: Hair Tips , hairstyles

6 Easy Hairstyles for Date Night

Don’t have hours to style your hair before your next date? No problem. Here are six easy styles for date night.

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