Learn what you need to know with our ultimate guide for an ideal haircare routine.

The Ultimate Guide for an Ideal Haircare Routine

Haircare can be confusing. There are so many products out there and so much different advice. How do you know what’s actually going to work? 

While everyone is unique, and you may need to engage in a little trial and error to find what works best for you, there are some hair truths that are pretty universal. Here’s our ultimate guide for an ideal haircare routine. 

Remove Tangles

Removing tangles should be a regular part of your ideal haircare routine. However, the way you detangle matters. Brushing too hard, too often, in the wrong direction, or with the wrong brush can lead to breakage and frizz. 

You should always remove tangles from the bottom up using your fingers, a wide-tooth comb, or a brush designed for detangling. Remember that wet hair is easily stretched or broken. If you find combing your hair is easier when it’s wet or damp, consider combing it before rinsing your conditioner out so there’s less friction on your hair. 


Shampooing your hair correctly is a crucial part of your hair routine. If you shampoo too often, you strip your hair of its natural oils. But if you don’t shampoo often enough, you risk having dirt, debris, and product residue build up on your hair. Once every two to three days is a good frequency for most people, but you may need to adjust up or down to find the routine that works best for you. 

The shampoo you use is also important. Many commercial shampoos use powerful surfactants that strip away all your hair’s natural oils. Instead, opt for a gentle natural shampoo like Viori. You can take our quiz here to help find the best products for your hair. 

Use Conditioner

Conditioning is an essential step of an ideal haircare routine. And it’s one that gets skipped too often. Many people don’t realize that shampoos open your hair cuticles as part of the cleaning process, while conditioners close them again. If you don’t use conditioner after every wash, you leave your hair prone to breakage. 

Conditioners also replenish the moisture in your hair, remove tangles, keep the frizz at bay, and add sheen. Look for natural ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera, and bamboo to gently condition your hair. 

Protect Your Hair

Protecting your hair should be a part of your ideal hair routine. We put our hair through a lot on a daily basis. And without protection, it can easily be damaged. So be conscious of how you style your hair and the products and tools you use.

Always wear a hat or SPF spray to protect your hair from the sun. And either avoid heat tools or use a heat protectant spray and skip days between heat styling. Opt for silk or satin pillowcases and hair accessories to reduce friction on your hair. And consider wearing protective styles like loose braids at night to protect your hair from all that tossing and turning. 

Extra TLC

Your hair could use a little extra TLC now and then. So consider adding oils or a DIY mask to your routine. Giving your hair one of these deep moisturizing treatments once or twice a week can make a big difference to your locks, especially if your hair is already dry or damaged.

It can take a little trial and error to find the perfect haircare routine for you, but following this guide for an ideal haircare routine should give you a solid foundation. 

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