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2x increase in BRI: All-Natural Rice Project (20 Red Yao Families)

2x increase in BRI: All-Natural Rice Project

With the success of last year's rice project, combined with the growth of Viori as a company and the deepening of our relationships with the Red Yao; 2022 will see an expansion of the 2021 rice project. To read more about the background of this project and how it benefits the environment and the livelihoods of the Longsheng rice farmers, make sure to read the full BRI report here.

Expanding this project means that an additional 10 families will be joining the existing 10 local families who decided to drop any form of chemicals or non-natural methods in the cultivation of rice. It also means that more traditional heirloom varieties will be grown instead of the modern hybrid versions which are predominant world-wide. It's a step back in time, but a step forward in terms of preserving the cultural heritage of rice cultivation together with protecting the environment from chemicals.
Just like last year we will be sharing updates as this project unfolds. To stay up-to-date follow this BRI project here

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