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Help Build Local Longsheng Tea Facility

Incubator model: Local Tea Facility

As our Beautiful Reason Initiative's philosophy goes, we wish to support the Red Yao in becoming more self-sustaining instead of relying on the support of outsider organizations or institutions. You can read more about our BRI methodology and philosophy here.

One way of doing this is by empowering the local community to productively, effectively and sustainably run their own businesses. Since our presence in Longsheng, the local community has repeatedly shared with us their desire to have their own Tea brand, but fail to realize this dream due to a lack of professional and technical experience resulting in them selling their valuable wild tea leaves to outside companies which do poses these.

To fill this gap and help the locals bring this unique business opportunity 'back home', Viori is planning on providing financial support to help upgrade facilities, combined with mentorship with the goal of having them locally produce homegrown, all-natural Longsheng Tea.

If you're interested in how this project unfolds make sure to follow our blog!

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