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Maarten Dickinson

Tags: Beautiful Reason Initiative , BRI Project , local-update , Red Yao , Red Yao Women , Social Mission

Meet the Red Yao Women of Longsheng

This post is part 1 of a 2 part series where we shine the spotlight on some of the Red Yao women of Longsheng. Each of the women you'll meet here plays an important role in our Beautiful Reason Initiatives (BRI) and inspires us with their natural beauty and lovely personalities! As part of Viori's Social Responsibility team, we meet with these ladies monthly, and all of us have become more like family than business associates. We sit down together, drink tea, and have thoughtful chats about life— and of course, we discuss our shared vision, progress, and plans for BRI projects. ...

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Maarten Dickinson

Tags: local-update

Beautiful Reason Initiative: Local School Donation

Beautiful Reason Initiative: Local School Donation - Round 1 Last month Viori got the chance to make it's first donation towards the local elementary school in Longsheng. Each classroom received a whole new set of high quality chairs and tables - a need which had been high on the agenda of the local schoolteacher (previous tables were in decay and didn't mathc the student's height causing physical discomfort while studying. Like with all the community work we do in Longsheng, we are grateful to our customers for making this possible! Do you have any questions about our work in Longsheng?...

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Maarten Dickinson

Tags: Beautiful Reason Initiative , local-update

Meanwhile in Longsheng...A Complete Journal of Viori's times spent among the Red Yao Community

Curious about the Red Yao and beautiful Longsheng? Follow us here where we'll share pictures and stories from our latest visits, and on-the-ground updates on our current Beautiful Reason Initiative projects.

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Maarten Dickinson

Tags: local-update

Longsheng Local Cooperatives (co-ops).

Longsheng Producers Cooperatives (co-ops). What are they and how does Viori support them?  Why co-ops? One of the biggest challenges of rural communities is their lack of 'market-power'. What is meant by this is their inability to compete with larger scale producers that are able to create economies of scale due to advantages in funds, efficient managements, geographical advantages, and more. Villages consists of many different families which function as a large group of individual producers that aren't operating as one unit.   Being individual producers means separately buying equipment & raw materials; separately producing the product (eg: agricultural crops,...

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