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Melissa Perkins

Tags: damaged hair , DIY hair masks , dry hair , hair care , Hair Tips

DIY Hair Care Masks for Dry/Damaged Hair

Dry, damaged hair? A DIY Hair Care Mask could be just what you need. Here are five thoroughly quenching hair masks you can make at home. 

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Melissa Perkins

Tags: color treated hair , hair care , Hair Tips

6 Tips to Care for Color-Treated Hair

Colored hair doesn’t have to be unhealthy hair. Here are the tips you need to keep your color-treated hair healthy and vibrant. 

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Melissa Perkins

Tags: hair care , hair myths

7 Busted Hair Myths

You’ve been given hair advice for as long as you can remember. But how do you know the good from the bad? It’s time to bust some hair myths! 

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Melissa Perkins

Tags: hair care , Hair Tips

Post-Workout Hair Care Tips

Caring for your hair after a workout doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are four post-workout tips to keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful even after working up a sweat. 

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